Julie Maubé
Motion designer - Adventurer
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Me, myself & I

Hi ! I'm Julie.
I'm a French motion designer and adventurer focused on emotions and stories.

I’m a young adventurer from the south of France, currently living in Paris. I’m studying art direction and motion design at LISAA, while working in an apprenticeship with Drive, a communication agency. I graduated from Gobelins in 2019, and have worked for various different companies and agencies.

I will be taking a gap year beginning September 2021. I’m looking for internships as a motion designer in agencies all around the world.

I love to explore new ways to express myself and to tell stories though different mediums such as motion design, photography, and video. I believe that our differences are our biggest strength to design creative and impactful projects.

In my free time, you can find me traveling with my camera, reading self-help books and skiing in the Pyrenees.

What I do

Motion design

Art direction

UI design


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