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The Pigeon


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Abbé Pierre Foundation
Julie Maubé
Gaspard Courrier
Eleonor Dahan

The Abbé Pierre Foundation was founded by the abbot himself in order to support the most destitute. Since its creation in 1992, the Abbé Pierre Foundation has been fighting against homelessness and poor housing. A committed man of the Church, Abbé Pierre has spent his life helping the outcasts that society refuses to include in its midst and he has helped to change the way these people are viewed.

This project was created in a group during my master’s degree in the context of a competition organized by Miss Pitch Awards for the Abbé Pierre Foundation. Our film highlights the similarities between the way humans treat pigeons and homeless people. They are the target of many prejudices, linked to a lack of interest in their situation. The analogy allows the spectator to understand a societal problem that has become commonplace.

At the end of the competition, this project was one of 24 selected out of 300 entries.

English subtitles are available.